Celebrating Over 31 years of Advanced Pediatric Dermatology Education

Overall, exhibiting at MOPD offers a unique opportunity to elevate your brand, engage with industry leaders, and contribute to the advancement of pediatric dermatology, all while positioning your company for long-term success in the field.

For over three decades, MOPD has led the charge in revolutionizing pediatric dermatology education. Our journey has been marked by relentless innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence. MOPD has continuously pushed the boundaries of what’s possible.

With each passing year, we have expanded our offerings, embracing new technologies and formats to ensure that our educational resources are accessible to all. Whether it’s through captivating in-person symposiums that foster meaningful connections or cutting-edge virtual webinars that transcend geographical barriers, MOPD remains at the forefront of educational excellence.
Join us as we continue to redefine the landscape of pediatric dermatology education.
Together, let’s shape the future of healthcare by empowering professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to make a difference in the lives of children worldwide

Visibility and Exposure

Exhibiting at MOPD provides unparalleled visibility within the pediatric dermatology community. With attendees ranging from dermatologists to pediatricians and allied health professionals, your brand will gain exposure to a diverse audience of decision-makers and influencers in the field.

Networking Opportunities

MOPD offers extensive networking opportunities, allowing exhibitors to connect with key opinion leaders, researchers, clinicians, and industry experts. Engage in meaningful conversations, forge new partnerships, and strengthen existing relationships with professionals dedicated to advancing pediatric dermatology.

Showcase Products and Services

The event provides a platform to showcase your latest products, innovations, and services to a targeted audience actively seeking solutions in pediatric dermatology. Demonstrate your offerings, educate attendees about their benefits, and gather valuable feedback directly from potential customers and collaborators.

Education and Thought Leadership

As an exhibitor, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to the educational aspect of the event by hosting presentations, workshops, or product demonstrations. Establish your company as a thought leader in the field, share insights, and contribute to the advancement of pediatric dermatology knowledge among attendees.

Market Expansion and Growth

Exhibiting at MOPD can serve as a catalyst for market expansion and business growth. By participating in the event, you'll access new markets, generate leads, and increase brand awareness, ultimately driving sales and revenue growth for your company.

Exhibitor Resources

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